Monday, August 22, 2005

I Don't Know Sheet

The new mattress is settling in nicely. After a little bit of back pain the first 2 nights it’s been clear sailing since then. However, my new mattress is quite a bit thicker than my old one, so I had to buy some new sheets. Up until recently I never really knew just how fancy sheets could be. I grew up on and purchased for myself the run of the mill (ha) cotton/polyester blends that sell for about $30 for a set. Which suited me just me fine. Felt OK, easy to care for, yada, yada, yada. I had no idea what a thread count was. Well, I guess due to all of the reading that I do I saw a couple of articles about high dollar sheets with humungous thread counts. So, I decided that since I needed new sheets I would try out something a little fancier than usual for me.

So yesterday I hit my favorite store for that kind of thing (Target) and came away with something advertised as a ‘luxury sheet set’ that cost $70. The claimed thread count was 400. Now from what I understand it’s hard to go by the thread count because different manufacturers will count it differently in an effort to jack up the thread count. Some people count only vertical threads, some count vertical and horizontal, etc. In any case, I have to say that these sheets are pretty damn awesome. They feel great! I never knew what I was missing. Now, I know that I have just dipped my toe into the pool of quality sheets, but to be honest I’m not sure I want anything fancier than these. What if I like the fancier ones even better? I really don’t think I want to spend $200 on a set of sheets.


Blogger Anne said...

awesome! I was actually at Tearget yesterday looking for new sheets. I came away with lots of other things but no sheets. I'm so glad to know Target sheets are good and will keep my eyes open for the 400 ct. next time I'm there.

8/23/2005 9:11 AM  

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