Monday, August 15, 2005

The Penultimate Six Feet Under

Well, I have to say that last night's episode didn't do too much for me. Part of that may be that I had a lot on my mind - I felt kind of like David on the show with the spacing out. I zoned out a couple of times and I was trying to cook dinner and pick up a little around the living room while the show was on - probably not the best environment to really concentrate. I was still trying to come down off a very busy day and I wasn't really able to put myself in a quiet enough headspace.

Claire's freakout was very uncomfortable, and not really in any kind of good way. I felt so bad for Ted after how he's been there so much for Claire. And I am glad that the Brenda and Billy scene turned out to be a dream, that was just the ickiest thing ever. I so hoped that they weren't going there. And didn't Brenda look a little big to be seven months along? She looked like she was about to pop. It's kind of interesting to see Nate pop up in different people's heads. He acts a little differently with each person, I guess because it's really them imagining him. I was kind of sad to see the deathmobile go, but somehow it seems appropriate (maybe because the show is ending, duh). It looks like Ruth is back to making her happiness dependent upon others with the way that she looked at George when he said they could raise Maya, I guess she will never change. Overall, the show seemed to be back to a lot of the bickering that was going on earlier in the season - I guess I'm a little tired of that. I do hope that everything turns out OK with the baby, I think we've had enough bad things happen for one series.

They are showing a retrospective about the series tonight. I am interested to see it, but I don't think it will be anything earth shattering. I think it will be like one of the extras on the DVD set that you watch once and then never watch again.

UPDATE: I enjoyed the special, and it made me realize how much I miss the characters of Arthur and Nikolai.



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