Friday, August 19, 2005

The Grass Police

A couple of days ago I got this postcard in the mail from my friendly neighborhood Homeowners Association saying that I needed to clear the grass from my flowerbeds. My initial reaction was "Who the hell do those SOBs think they are! This is Texas dammit!" Upon further reflection, however, I realized I can’t really complain on this one. First of all, they were right. I did have a lot of grass in my flowerbeds. And secondly, I signed a piece of paper before I moved into my house saying that I would abide by all of the HOA rules (there are a bunch of them), and this one is in there, so how can I complain? I guess I'm growing up. Tear.


Blogger Anne said...

bahahaha! I wish the homeowners in my neighborhood would write a damn letter to my next door neighbors and attach said letter to a flaming bag of doggie poo before depositing it on their doorstep. They won't even mow their lawn...which just makes mine better looking but still. That's what happens when a couple of 20 year olds move in next door. It ain't pretty.

8/19/2005 3:06 PM  

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