Saturday, November 05, 2005

People Still Have Fax Machines?

When you don't have a job, on some days you feel like you will never work again, and on others you feel like something good is just around the corner. I'd say yesterday qualifies as the former. As a requirement of receiving unemployment benefits in Texas you must make 3 work search contacts a week. Yesterday I tried to get in my 3 contacts (as opposed to last week when I waited until the last minute - Saturday). It turned out to be somewhat stressful because the 3 job matches I had on the job search site all wanted contact via fax. What the hell? Who still uses faxes? Hasn't email pretty much replaced the fax? I guess it's kind of ironic that someone as technologically backward as myself would complain about someone else being technologically backward, but there you have it. So I had to track down a way to fax my resume to these people. I did finally find a web site that charges a reasonable rate to send faxes. I also realize that there is a way to send them for free via email, but after reading the instructions I think I may need some help from some of my more computer savvy friends to pull that one off.

The other snag is that this fax site wanted the files to be Word files or text files. I have Wordperfect on my computer. When I opened the text files in Wordperfect the resume needed 2 pages, so I wasn't sure if these faxes were going to look right. I have always preferred using Word over Wordperfect, so the fact that I didn't have it was causing more stress. I never bothered to get it before because I could just always use my work computer for Word documents. Today I got that straightened out with a trip to Half Price Books. For the low, low price of $6.47 I now have my very own copy of Word 2002. Not too shabby. I am so happy that we have our own Half Price Books right here in McKinney! And when I opened my text file resume in Word it only took up one page, so I guess my faxes turned out OK. I guess the act of having to jump through all these hoops is what got me bummed out. At least now I feel a little more prepared to handle some of the job search eventualities that may come my way.


Blogger acumamakiki said...

I get very angry about the whole FAX thing too. The painters painted over our phone jack so the FAX option on our printer can't be used and I never have to FAX something when I'm at the office, instead I get to go into town where for $1 per sheet, I can send my paperwork.

The most maddening thing of all is that most of these FAX only businesses, don't leave their FAX machine on all the time so it rings endlessly and I either have to wait or come back to pick-up my paperwork and hope that the transmission has gone through.

11/06/2005 6:25 AM  

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