Friday, October 07, 2005

Up and Down

The last 24 hours have been a bit of a roller coaster ride. I needed to register on the Workforce Commission website for their job search section in order to be eligible for unemployment benefits. I didn't really want to do this now, but I had to register within 3 days of applying for benefits. I didn't want to do it because I knew I would look at their job listings and I didn't think I was ready to do that quite yet. Well, I couldn't help myself. It brought me down a little bit because many of the jobs that are in my degree field have requirements that I don't meet (my last job was fairly specialized). And then in looking at some jobs that might be more along the lines of 'more fun' or 'things I might actually enjoy doing' or 'less pressure', I saw that a lot of these jobs don't pay enough for a single person to live on. Crap. Actually makes me wish I were married for maybe the first time. At least if your spouse is working too, you can possibly afford to have a poor-paying job. So, for pretty much the first time since I got canned I didn't sleep all that well (not counting neighbor dog's wakeup call yesterday).

Today I decided that I was going to tell my parents about this situation. Then this morning I get an email from my Mom saying that they are going to be out of town this weekend. I haven't gotten an answer when I try to call, so they may have already left. So, now I still get to worry about that all weekend. I guess that's what I get for not being in touch with my parents as much as I should. Serves me right. I need to be better about calling them on a regular basis. It may be better anyway to let them have a nice weekend without worrying about my crap.

I don't know what the deal is, but my hamstring kinds of hurts today. I don't know if it's because the weather was cooler when I ran yesterday or because I was running on pavement for the first time in a while, but I don't like it. I may try to run again tomorrow if it feels better.

As far as the up part of the roller coaster, I got a paycheck today. Even better, I got a check for 203 hours of vacation. I thought this was odd because I had a balance of 80 hours when I was booted, so this was what I was expecting. What I forgot about was the fact that I have been accruing vacation all year. So, when you add that to the 80 hours you get 203 hours. Sweet. The check amounted to about 2 months of my current living expenses, so that's definitely nothing to sneeze at. I am very grateful that financially I am in pretty good shape to weather this crisis.


Blogger Michelle Fry said...

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10/07/2005 10:48 PM  
Blogger Michelle Fry said...

Sounds like a complete roller coaster for sure. Rest your hamstring or go to a soft track to run. It's probably the pavement and you are probably holding tension all over your body because of stress which makes you more suseptible to injury right now.

I'm doing the being single at the low paying but cool job and it makes me really jealous of the married people at my work which is insane because I also listen to their lame ass phone call to their "loved ones" each day where they bitch at each other about who is going to the grocery store and who is going to pick up the kids, etc. Lord!

10/07/2005 10:50 PM  
Blogger Anne said...

Good news on the accrued vacation front, that is excellent. I think you know deep down that finding the best job for you is going to take a little time and thought and balancing what you need to make against what is an acceptable salary. If it were easy, everyone would be loving employment. Don't get too upset yet, you are just at the start of fact-finding.

10/08/2005 12:45 PM  
Blogger holli said...

I can definitely relate to finding a job that actually seems to be the right fit.. sigh. But there is one out there for you.

It would be nice to have a spouse - so you could cut back on expenses and weather the storm.. it just sucks when you're the only person you really have. You know I know that.

But the accumulated pay - that just rocks!!! So a great big YAY on that!!!!!

10/09/2005 7:14 PM  
Blogger AFGUY said...

I wish you the best bro. I am in Iraq right now! I got your name from Holli's blog...

Things will get better...
email me if you need to talk

10/09/2005 9:15 PM  

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