Sunday, March 22, 2009


My little Japanese maple that I planted in December has started to leaf out over the last couple of weeks. I love the way the leaves look. This is a Shaina Japanese maple. It will only get to be about 5 feet tall. They grow very slowly, though, so it will take a while to get there. If I can get it to survive through the summer then it looks like it is in a good spot.

And here is a photo of my recovering Fire Dragon maple tree. Several weeks ago I went out to water it and I discovered that a rabbit took a huge bite out of it! Pretty much halved the height of it. All of the previous bud areas were eaten by the rabbit, so I was worried whether the tree would recover. Luckily you can see that it has sprouted some new branches. And you can also see that I have built an enclosure for it. I went to way too much trouble to get that tree to have it eaten. Silly rabbit, maple treez are for kids!



Blogger paintergirl said...

The Japanese maple looks great.I like your fence. I have to do the same with my sunflowers.

3/24/2009 11:08 AM  

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