Sunday, May 10, 2009

'Cue A Palooza Fest, Part III

And now I present the exciting conclusion to the blog series that no one seems to care about, 'Cue A Palooza Fest!

Part III:

Finally, on the way out of town Monday morning I planned to hit Black’s Barbecue and then Kreuz again for brisket and some sausage to go. I arrived at Black’s around 11 and it seemed like I was the first person there. They have a good selection of sides and dessert too, but I decided to just go for meat and one yeast roll. I got my by-now usual quarter pound of brisket, and I decided to try the jalapeno cheese sausage for a little change up.

The brisket at Black’s was very moist. It had smoky flavor, but it wasn’t quite as richly flavored to me as the other places. The jalapeno cheese sausage was a bit disappointing. It didn’t have much heat to it, the casing was a bit tough, and the meat was fairly loosely packed. It was also greasier than the Kreuz sausage.

My final stop was Kreuz again so I could try their brisket. I ordered my quarter pound as well as 5 cold sausage links to go (for midnight snacks when I got home). Unlike the other places, the brisket in this case was fairly thick, so my quarter pound ended up being one slice rather than 2 or 3, although the slice was also cut fairly thick. This was definitely the juiciest of the briskets that I tried. It was pretty good, but didn’t have quite the depth of smokiness as Smitty’s. It also had a large band of unchewable fat (believe me, I tried) in the middle. The upper part was also much more fat-marbled than the other briskets I had, and it was more the chewy than melty kind.

I’m not big fan of chewy fat in meat. Maybe I’m more of a beef shoulder kinda guy? Shoulder is a less fatty cut of meat. Obviously the issue there is making sure that it doesn’t end up dried out and tough. The only place I had shoulder was at Kreuz, and it was quite good. Next time (oh yes, there will be a next time) I’m thinking I may do more investigation each joint’s shoulder offerings.

So, bottom line? There’s some damn good ‘cue in Lockhart. I don’t know what the secret is. Maybe it’s the wood. Maybe it’s just a concentration of people with the skills and inclination to do it right. Whatever it is, me likey.

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