Thursday, August 07, 2008

JC Goes to Hollywood, Pt. 1

OK, I know blog posts should be short. But I'm mostly writing here so that I can look back someday and see what my life was like back in the day. That means that sometimes I want to capture lots of detail, which means long posts. I will break this experience up into 3 posts to help a little bit with readability, though. So here is part 1.

So how was the movie premiere? It was pretty damn cool! We saw lots of well-known faces.

We took a cab to the premiere, and let me tell you that apparently pulling up to the end of the red carpet in a taxi is apparently frowned-upon. The security people had a fit when our taxi stopped. I guess we were just supposed to teleport from the cab to the sidewalk? I’m a VIP dammit!

After procuring our tickets (great-big laminated, thick cardboard things with actual row and seat numbers on them, photo below) we crossed the street where we saw my friend’s family standing. Right before crossing the street I had my first celebrity sighting – this guy from the new Mummy flick – who I only recognized because I saw him on an LA morning show that day.

The theater sits facing out to the intersection of two streets. There was a red carpet running from the entrance out to the street corner, and then it ran down one of the streets. This side area was where the cast was doing their interviews, posing for photos, etc. The side area was backdropped by enormous banners for the movie, as was the right side of the main entrance carpet. There were barricades setup across both streets and in front of the Starbucks next to the theater, and there were tons of people against the barricades hoping to spot celebs. The barricade next to the main red carpet entrance was packed with paparazzi. It was quite a scene.

We spent the majority of our time outside in the triangular area between the main entrance and the interview area. Due to the banners/posters, we could really only see people when they were going from the side area to the main entrance, or when some of the people walked along behind the banners to get to the “secret” entrance. A few of the supporting cast from the movie, like James Remar and Nora Dunn, were hanging out in our area for a while.

Immediately after arriving in this area we saw Jon Voight head for the secret entrance. And then the kid who played McLovin in Superbad. We saw most of the cast, and my friend’s mom took a picture of him coming up the red carpet. I decided not to bring my camera because (a) I wasn’t sure how cool the theater would be with me having it, (2) I didn’t think some of the celebs would be cool with me having it, and (thirdly) I didn’t want to look any more like a tourist than I already did.

The movie was scheduled to start at 7:30, so we stayed outside until about 7:25 before going in. We wanted to stay outside as long as possible without missing any of the movie. We made the choice to walk down the red carpet instead of going to one of the side doors because how many chances will we have to walk down an honest-to-God red carpet at a movie premiere?! This is most likely my only one!

To be continued in Part 2...

Giant laminated ticket!

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Blogger Rebecca said...

cool! you walked down the red carpet. i'm so thrilled for you and can't wait to read more about your adventure.

8/08/2008 11:23 AM  
Blogger paintergirl said...

See, I told you I'd be back. That crazy kid from superbad. How cool, red carpet and all. you're the shiznit! on to part 2

8/14/2008 6:55 PM  
Blogger hollibobolli said...

I've been riding on your fame.. every time the promos for this come on tv my family just rolls their eyes. Obviously I told them about you going to the premiere and all the people a few times that I forgot.

8/15/2008 12:19 PM  

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