Saturday, February 02, 2008


Today I was a total slug. S-L-U-G. Not that it wasn't warranted after this past week. Yesterday I didn't have to work at the library, and it was nice to be able to come home and relax a little. I won't be back at the library until Tuesday, and then I will be doing another 3 day special. On library days I pretty much have to go straight from my day job to the library. I got some snacks to eat on the way (it's about a 45 minute drive) so I wouldn't be starving by 8. So far the library time in the evenings has flown by pretty quickly. It kind of sucks only having about an hour until bedtime though.

I've worked in several areas of the library already. So far the times that I've spent at the reference desks there haven't been a ton of people around, which is good. It gives me time to talk to the librarian who is there with me and ask them questions, and it gives me some time to learn about the collection. I even spent an hour in the children's section on Wednesday! I've really enjoyed everything so far although I felt kind of weird talking to the kids. I think it's just because I'm not really used to talking to children. I think I like the cataloging the best because it requires the least amount of interaction with others, but I also learned that spending all day on the computer cataloging stuff can really fry your brain. All in all things are going well at the library.

I can't believe Lost is finally on again. My Lost pants are going crazy. The beginning of season 3 I thought things kind of bogged down a bit, but by the end of the season I was back on board. I thought the season 4 premiere was pretty good. I loved that it was a Hurley-centric episode. I also love that Lance Reddick from The Wire is now on the show. And that twitchy little f'er Jeremy Davies. It kind of sucks that there are most likely only going to be 8 episodes this season due to the writers' strike. Maybe that means that they will extend the end date which is currently 2010.

Tomorrow I anticipate more slugitude, plus Superbowl. I hope everyone's Groundhog Day was everything they wanted and more!



Blogger weddingproject-us said...

Happy to hear the library is going well. I bet you can't wait to finish all up and have one job that you love.

And heck yeah for Lost! We're trying to wrack our brains at who the "6" are.

2/03/2008 3:55 PM  

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