Monday, November 07, 2005

Why Don't You Just Marry a Pumpkin?

My love affair with all things pumpkin continues. I now have half a gallon of pumpkin ice cream. There is a regional ice cream chain here called Braum's that makes pumpkin ice cream available this time of year. I have loved this stuff since I was a kid. I now cringe a little at some of the chemicals listed in the ingredients, but I guess a half gallon of ice cream won't kill me immediately. I wish they sold a smaller size though, I'm not super big on ice cream and I usually have trouble finishing the whole half gallon. Last year there was a little bit left in the bottom of the container that got all icy and gross. That was after about three months though! Hey, maybe I can make an ice cream float out of pumpkin ice cream and pumpkin beer!

I had to go to an orientation class today at the local workforce commission office to continue to receive unemployment benefits. I did pick up the useful fact that they have a fax machine that is free to use, so all (well, some) of my worrying last Friday was for naught (it usually is). They also have copiers that are free to use, which is good.



Blogger Anne said...

I am not a huge braums fan since the few I've been to have greatly lacked any semblance of cleanliness. That said, since you are into the whole mckinney public restaruant health score stuff, you must know of a good one. Does Bluebell make a punkin icecream? Sounds delightful but I am totally with you on the wanting something smaller than a !@$%#@ gallon. SHEEze.

11/07/2005 5:18 PM  
Blogger holli said...

I've got the pumpkin beer.. now I just need the ice cream!

I liked Bluebunny Cotton Candy ice cream and they quit making it. :( I wonder if they make cotton candy beer.

11/07/2005 9:58 PM  
Blogger JC said...

Anne - Well, I figure since the ice cream is pre-packaged before it actually gets to the store, I haven't really stressed over that one. I looked at the Blue Bell site and I couldn't find any pumpkin.

Holli - Cotton candy ice cream? I've never heard of such madness.

11/07/2005 11:19 PM  
Blogger JC said...

And oh yeah, I think cotton candy schnapps is as close as you're going to get!

11/07/2005 11:25 PM  

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