Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Flying Leaves

Yesterday I was due for a run. I planned to go in the morning because it was supposed to get pretty hot. Good ol' neighbor dog put the kibosh on that since I put in earplugs to drown out the barking around 7AM. My alarm went off at 9, but due to the earplugs I didn't hear it. I woke up at 10:08. It was already 74 degrees by that time. I heard that the high at DFW actually ended up being 88!

I had watched the weather forecast and they were predicting a cold front to blow in in the late afternoon, so I decided to wait for that. I went outside every now and then to see if the wind had changed direction. I was reading a book by my window when I heard lots of leaves blowing around outside. I opened my back door and stepped outside. There was no mistaking whether the cold front had arrived - the wind was blowing so strong. Anyway, the main reason that I wanted to post about this was because I looked at the trees behind my house and my neighbor's house, and I was struck by the sight of leaves just flying off the trees like a flock of birds after a shotgun blast. It was one of those nature moments I seem to have from time to time where I am taken by surprise and just stare in amazement. Cool.


Blogger Michelle Fry said...

Very cool. I wish you could have video taped it.

11/10/2005 7:33 PM  
Blogger holli said...

Are you sure it wasn't leaves? And not the swarm of bees, flying dangerous insects, etc.. swarming in your jungle?

Get your ass out of bed early. And don't talk about getting "too much sleep" anymore. We will fun foam you up the butt.


11/10/2005 10:45 PM  
Blogger acumamakiki said...

I like Holli's comments. (=

I love this time of year, when the leaves are swirling and are brilliant colors. I noticed on our trashcans this morning that there's an outline of leaves.....don't know how it happened, especially since they're metal but it might be worthy of a picture.

11/11/2005 6:34 AM  
Blogger holli said...

CRAP - I mean are you sure it WAS leaves!!

I'm done typing when I'm tired.

11/11/2005 10:28 AM  
Blogger baylor said...

I loved this post so much...feeling nostalgic...

but now I can't stop laughing at Holli's comment...

11/12/2005 12:05 PM  

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